Prokofy Neva vs. Broken Toys

I wonder if there's a corollary to Godwin's Law that explains all of the Stalin references in this epic thread..

Is it so hard to understand that maybe, just maybe, sandbox and theme park-style games can co-exist? You may like one type more than the other, but that doesn't mean that everyone else is wrong and as bad as Stalin/Hitler/whatever.

But then again, this is the Internet. And when duty calls, we must do our part.


Nerf fire, buff shoes!

Fire is totally overpowered, it burns my shoes!


Things left unsaid

WoW Insider has a few articles on mage vs warlock rivalry. And I'm a bit conflicted on what to say.

I could say "I told you so". I could say that they need to QQ less and pew pew more. I could say that I outdamage warlocks. I could say that complacency kills. I could say that our arsenal of AoE skills balances things out. I could say that the utility we provide is enough to tip the scales. I could say that nobody is a "pure" class anymore. I could say it'll be better in 2.4 or at the Wrath of the Lich King. I could say that Blizzard just needs to fix the itemization. I could say a lot of things. I could even say that I don't care anymore.

But I'd just be lying.


Kalgan on Effort vs Rewards

Many "hardcore" raiders might nod approvingly at this comment by Kalgan:

I definitely think there's a valid argument to be made that the time investment and organizational requirement versus reward aren't balanced well enough right now
However, you should be careful what you wish for. Balance goes both ways. If Blizzard ever realizes how difficult the PvE encounters really are and balances the game.. a flamewar of epic propotions will ensue.


Fighting my inner demons


Mages will get new abilities in the expansion too, believe it or not. In fact, we intend to tone down how strong of a counter warlocks are to mages through the wotlk spells/talents.

Must.. not.. make.. a.. cynical.. comment..


Warlocks using mage gear?

I recently listened to the WoW Insider podcast where the topic of the day was the Warlock Life Tap change on the PTR. While my guild's warlocks have been up in arms about it, I haven't paid much attention to it. Until one of the hosts on the podcast mentioned that warlocks might start to favor mage gear. That comment was worth a chuckle for a variety of reasons. Suffice to say, I doubt that any sane warlocks will pick mage gear, since mage gear isn't optimal for mages either. If warlocks (especially Affliction warlocks) want to waste item points on spirit and spell crit, go right ahead. Maybe some poor fool even spends dkp on a certain robe.