Day of Fel Fire

So, de doomsday is here. And as predicted, de Alliance was dere to defend de demons. In full force. De Dark Portal is very heavily fortified and there is no way to get even close. I tried. Now I was monitoring the carnage from a safe distance. Scores of bodies littered the battlements around the portal. New troops poured out of the portal, guarded by the finest of the Alliance. I recognized several tabards. Elysium. Alliance Watch. Eternal Night. They.. admired their handiwork.

The first attempt in retaking the portal was a futile one. We were struck down by volleys of lethal lead, blinding Light, crippling cold, searing felfire and distintegrating shadow. The remnants from that attempt were camped on one of the plateaus around the crater. Calls to war were sounded. They needed me. The Portal must not stay in enemy hands. I closed my spyglass and rode to join them.

We started our assault. One after another the lapdogs of the demons fell, only to be replaced by three more. But we endured. We fought for every inch. We fought our way from the edge of the crater to the remains of the camp. Our forces pushed their towards the steps of the portal. A tauren warrior lifted up a body of a dead human. His face was fixed in a perpetual scream, but his tabard.. He was from the Argent Dawn. They must have been the first to arrive, only to be ambushed by both sides.

On to the Portal itself. Voidwalkers, humans, felhunters, elves, infernals, dwarves, dreadlords, gnomes. Each tougher than the one before. I found my thoughts more focused than before. Weave. Aim. Throw. Weave. Aim. Throw. Since the fall of the Soulflayer and the release of the Spider Queen, I have been lost, in a sense. Not sure what I would do while waiting for the end. But this.. seems so natural. Even in the heat of combat, I once again could stay focused. I looked back. While we held the line, the priests, druids and shamans were tending to the fallen Argent Dawn. Suddenly we heard a yell:

"Ready! Aim! Fire!"

A volley of shells whistled above our heads and struck a towering infernal, causing the torso to crack and splinter. I looked back. A squadron of tauren sharpshooters had arrived, and they were already loading their guns for the next volley. The reinforcements had arrived, and now was the time to break the tide. I found myself screaming:

"Wipe out dese lapdogs of demons! Destroy de harbringers of de Burning Legion!"

Aided by the now-rejuvenated Argent Dawn, we fought our way up the steps. Magics of all kinds still rained on our backs. Comrades fell on every side. But step by step, we got closer to the portal. And when we reached the top platform they.. simply scattered. The demons were left to tend for themselves as the remnants of the defending force jumped off and scurried away to all directions.

But the demons kept coming. We could not falter for a moment. Weave, aim, throw. Weave, aim, throw. They fell as soon as they arrived, but still they kept coming. Wounds kept reopening, blades kept dulling and each blast of arcane seemed weaker than the one before it. Sounds of guns slowly quieted down. And then.. I felt the all-too-familiar taste of my own blood in my mouth. I fell from the top, and the last image I remember was the grinning face of a human.

I came back to my senses a few hours later. The fighting had quieted down, but I could still hear the demons. And.. laughter. Accompanied by elven words. Did we lose? I looked around. There were more corpses here than before. Trolls, tauren, undead. And many orcs. Way too many. This battle was lost for now. Nothing more could be gained here. I stayed down and waited for a proper moment. And then.. I ran.

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