Occupational Hazards

I've seen quite gruesome sights on this journey, but this.. Fleshworks is something else. I've heard the stories and even fought some of the abdominations myself, but I've never seen them made. The floors are scattered with spare parts. Only.. every part once belonged to a living, breathing being. Now I understand why the captain forbade us from eating before battle.

"Private! Secure that cave!"
"Yes sir!"

There's two dead Geists on the entrance. I'm not taking any chances, so I crush their skulls just to make sure. Everything's covered by soot and ichor. Disgusting.

Eventually I arrive to one of the main chambers. The cave is illuminated by candles and torches, and I can barely see the edges. There's a toppled pile of metal bars on the floor. Someone's already been here. There's a figure standing next to a smooth slab of rock, with it's back turned against me. It's wearing a long, dark robe, the shoulderpads glow with unholy light and helm is made of bones. A necromancer! And the lump on the slab can only be his latest victim. The battle outside echoes in the caverns, so he must not have heard me. Yet. I have to take this chance.

"You monster!"
My hammer is deflected from the bone spires protecting his head. He turns, and looks at me with glowing yellow eyes.
"Ow! Dat does it! Is it doo much to ask for some peace and quiet?!"
The voice does not belong to a human, and now I see the fangs. It's a troll witch. I swing again, but my hammer hits only air.
"You can rest when you are dead, fiend!"
"Here? Hardly."


Stupid. I should have saved my blessings until after the witch has hexed me. My legs are stuck in the ice, and the felfire around the witch is condescing into a spell.
"Now before ya die.. I wanna know someting. Who do ya work for?"
"The Crusade will have your head for this!"
"Wat a coincidence. I was due to visit yer nice port after dis."
"Has your brain already rotten away? The only port nearby belongs to the Scarlets."
"So yer not a Scarlet? Oh. Oh!"
The felfire fades along with the spell.
"Sorry about de misunderstandin'.  It seems dat we're on de same side today."
"Lies. Lord Fordring would never hire someone like ya."
"Ya'd be surprised. Anyway.. Meet Crusader Olakin. As ya can see, he needs some medical attention."
"By the Light, he's in pieces!"
"Indeed. Now, hand me de thread."
"What happened to him?"
"Occupational hazard. It seems dat sabotagin' one of the most powerful armies on Azeroth can have some consequences."
"What are you doing?"
"Fixin' him. Cloth, leather, flesh.. it's all de same. Saw, please."


"Dere. Now we just apply some power and.."
"I can't watch."
"It's.. it's alive. It's alive!"
"By the Light!"
"Wh.. where am I?"
"I.. I died, didn't I?"
"Feelin' better?"
"Yes.. yes. Thank you, milady."
"So.. this troll does work for the the Argent Crusade?"
"Yes. Lady Shalkis has supported our cause since the Plaguelands. Lord Fordring can personally vouch for her."
"My apologies, miss. Miss?"
"Help me up. She's probably in the fray already."

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