The Heart

"Don't DESPAIRworry."

One by one, they all left. To fight, to celebrate. I didn't care where. The temple was empty. The Soulflayer slain. But my task was not yet finished. The great gemstone known as the Heart of Hakkar lied on the ground next to the lifeless body of the great serpent. The deep red color of the gemstone seemed deeper, almost.. pulsing. Beating. It did not feel cold as stones usually are, but.. warm. Soft. Like velvet.
It feels so soft, almost.. unreal. If I push just a little bit.."
"No! Do not join us!"
What? Who was that?
"No! Do not listen!"
"Save us!"
"Free us!"
"Join us!"

No, no! What was I doing?! Get off me! I.. I can't touch the Heart with my bloody hands. And the mist.. I have to get it out of here. Otherwise he'll wake again. Clothes. Wrap it in clothes, yes. I'll fetch the clothes from the dead trolls downstairs.

After some work, the heart was wrapped in a few robes.

Now I'll just need to get it out of here. One.. two.. and three! Sheesh, it's heavy.
"Too heavy for you."
"Put us down."
"Good! Continue!"
"You can do it!"
"Save us!"
"Free us!"
"Put your back to it, filthy troll."
"It's your fault!"

Was that..



"I told you it's too heavy."
"Give it up."
"Surrender your blood to Him."

They are right. The Heart.. is too heavy. I should've asked one of the taurens.. I'll just rest for a bit..
"No! Keep going!"
"You'll have to get out before more come."
"The newcomers will get a chance to prove themselves."
"She won't stand a chance."
"Give it up."

Yes.. I must.. I must go on. Pull.. Yes, I'll pull it.

Moments later, I am dragging the heart along the pathways of the empty city. It has not rained the whole day, and the corpses are starting to stink. The voices.. have quieted down. My wounds.. are closing. But this is taking too long. The sun is already setting. The city.. looks beautiful.
"It's okay."
"You deserve your rest."
"No! Keep moving!"
"Lazy troll! Get on it!"

Just for a few.. no! Another of their tricks. But I'm smarter. I am. Hehe.
It will end today! Do you hear! ..end today! ..hear!
The gates..The gates.. I need to get out.. before they come. Out, yes. Into the jungle, yes. To Yojamba, yes. A surprise for them. Haha. A big surprise. Hahaha.

The dead.. stay out of my way. Away, away from the gates. Into the jungle. Sounds. Watched. I reek. Blood. Of course. Hehe. Come. Good. Hungry. So am I.

"What was that? You two, check it out."


"What is it, private?"
"Looks like a troll, sir. It's eating a tiger. Raw."
"I am not interested in it's dietary practices, private. Trolls don't hunt alone. Keep looking."
"It seems wounded. I think it's alone, sir."
"I'll be the judge of that. Now, move in from both sides. No sound."

"Got you!"
Careless. Humans. Pinned. Bleeding.
"Good work, men. Now what do we have here?"
"Oh, a spirited one. Keep it restrained. Maybe we can use it for fun. Or target practice."
"What's that, troll? Answer me!"
Haha. Human points at the heart. Human wants to know.
"I think it's laughing, sir."
"Not for long."

"Now let's see.. By Faol! This ruby is huge!"
"Oh, wow. We're rich."
"Captain, should we report this to the Colonel?"
"What's there to report? We just found a troll. It's not a strange thing to encounter in Stranglethorn. Isn't that right, private?"
"Yes, sir. Just a troll, sir. Nothing special to report, sir."
"Good. Now pick it up and let's go back and hide this. I know a gemcutter that won't ask too many questions. Get the troll, too."

Morning. Ow, my head..
"No, get up now!"
"There's no time!"
The Heart.. The Heart! Where? Exposed.. But who..
"Good puppet."
"Nice puppet."
"Lure more."
"No, Cover it quickly!"
Heart.. dangerous.. clothes..
"Now move! The river is not far away."
"Let us out!"
The human, but how..
"You tricked us!"
Haha. Humans were too nosy. They're doomed now.
"Move! There'll be more soon!"
The river. Must move before.. more..

Cooler. Yes. Stink less. Easier to move.
Go see dwarves. Dwarves can help.
"No, stay away from them!"
"Yes, lure more!"
"More for Him."
"Tasty dwarves."
"Go see the dwarves, puppet."
"Yes, the dwarves are your friends. They know much about gems."
"Show them this big gem you've found."
No.. gem not for dwarves. Zandalar. Yes. Smart trolls. Know what to do.

A few hours later..

Water. Close. Island.
"You can swim. Go on."
"Just a short way to go."
"No, put on the helmet first."
"Nothing to it."
"You're a good swimmer."
"The Heart will pull you beneath the surface."
What Heart? My heart?
"No, the Heart of Hakkar."
"Put on the helmet or you'll drown. They'll find it and bring it back."
Drown bad. Gem. Heart. To smart trolls. So tired.

Voices right. Gem is heavy. Helmet is heavy. Walking is tiring. Rest.
"No, keep going."
"Almost there."
"Just up to the shore and you're done."
"Almost there."

Demanding voices. I want to sleep.
"Sleep at the island. The island has nice beds."
Beds. Sand. Island.

"Hey, who's that?"
"It looks like a troll, but what's with that helmet?"
"I think she walked here."
"Hey! Get the witch doctor, quickly!"
"Get that diving helmet off, you fools!"
"Oh, hello there. What brings you to our island?"
Smart trolls know.. know.. gem.
"Hey bossman, is this what I think it is?"
"She.. she brought the Heart.."


"You might not remember me, but I'm Molthor. You've done good."
Spider.. told me.. to bring gem.. to smart trolls..
"Yes, she did. You mentioned serving the Venom Queen the last time you were here."
I was..
"Yes. She's proud of you. Now come, there's one last thing to do. You, carry her."
"Sure thing."

"Begin the ritual, my servants. We must banish the heart of Hakkar back into the void!"

"Save the Heart!"
"We'll find you."
"We won't forget."
"What are you doing, troll?"
Haha. Flayer.. desperate. Hahaha. Shadra. Yes. I serve Her. Scream and shout, Soulflayer.
Hahahaha. You will what? Go away.
Hahahahaha. Byebye now. Boom. Darkness.
"Well done, child."

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