Getting multiple mounts will be cheaper

Apparently, Blizzard has completely turned the current riding skill around. Learning to ride normal mounts now costs 90 gold, and learning to ride epic mounts costs 900 gold. Conversely, a normal mount costs only 10 gold, while epic mounts cost 100 gold. While this will practically have no effect on people who are just buying their first mounts, it will make having multiple mounts much easier. Because the riding skill is shared between all of your faction mounts, getting a different racial mount will be much cheaper. All you need is Exalted reputation and 100 gold per mount, not 1020 gold per mount (riding skill 20g, mount 1000g). However, the mounts are now bind-on-pickup, so you can't ask your friend with both the PvP and reputation discounts to buy the mount for you.

Update: Blizzard has now confirmed several times that the net effect will be the one that I described above. In addition, there will be a seamless transition for characters who already have mounts. Warlocks and Paladins will receive their appropiate riding skill when they finish their respective mount quests. AV and PvP mounts are a bit different, though. PvP mounts will only require the apprentice riding skill, despite being as fast as epic mounts. Alterac Valley mounts will require the journeyman skill. However, players who own either a PvP mount or an AV mount will receive the journeyman skill. All in all, it seems that this change should not cause any concerns for players that already have their mounts, and will help players who wish to own more mounts.

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