Welcome to the Great Show

Relmstein is having some problems with one of my favourite bosses, Jin'do the Hexxer. He's got some of the tactics required right, but there's a few tidbits his guild hasn't noticed yet.

First of all, a feral druid tank. Bears can't get mind controlled. Secondly, DoTs are very effective on shades. They continue to tick even when the curse expires. Multishot and Chain Lightning also work. Finally, I think that they are not switching targets fast enough. Anyone who has the curse on him should DPS shades. If there's no shades in sight, then healing totems should go down ASAP. Then mind control totems. And only if there's nothing else to DPS, then the raid should DPS Jin'do. Thanks to the healing totem, you can't slack off even at 1%, because he'll quickly heal himself.

And to those who are wondering why I'm posting it here, the answer is simple. I have a Blogger Beta account, and those accounts can't currently post comments on normal Blogger blogs.

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