Hell hath no fury..

After de fiasco in de Arena, I set tings into motion. I was hopin' dat de enemy of my enemy could be my friend. At least unwillingly, if not odderwise.

I had heard reports of attacks against Grom'Gol, so I set out to investigate.


At first, nottin' interestin' seemed to be happanin'. Just a lone elf lurin' guards out from the protection of de walls. Wait.. I know dis one. Melaisis. Melnerag had informed be dat dis one had hired de clumsy assassin who tried to keel me in de Council meetin'. Hmm..

I used my trusty spyglass to take a closer look. Nottin' at de back or side gates, but at de front.. Perfect.


Several members of de Shinin' Strand, includin' Trollbane, de gnome known as Tiberio and odders. Even de clanky assassin from de meetin' had shown up. I see dat dey got my message and acted like I had foreseen. But dis play also required de villain, and de Empire was nowhere to be seen..


Hmm, only a handful. Oh well. Dat'll have to do for now. De board is set and de pieces are movin'.

Inevitable results

Of course, it was over soon, and ended just like I predicted. De Gurubashi would be lickin' deir wounds today and proddin' deir.. Prophet into action. But.. wat's dis?


Perfect. I did not intend for dis.. Taerak to be here, but perhaps it's best dat someone odder witnessed dis as well. Dis is not over yet. Not over at all. Perhaps dere is some part in de web for him as well.


Melaisis said...

Assassinate you!? Me?! Never!

Shalkis said...

I must have been misinformed then. You didn't send the paladin to attack me in the Stormwind Council meeting?

Melaisis said...

True. But Deor is sometimes of his own will.