Nothing seems to work out how it's supposed to. First the failure at the Arena and now this. I had just by chance encountered the nephew of Syskae Anahain, recently reawakened from the grave. I thought it was a prime opportunity shake up the paladin's beliefs, but.. Their words are polite and regretful, but their eyes betray their true feelings. Disgust.

Illan Anahain 01

There was nothing new in a Forsaken that hates what he has become, but I had underestimated just how strong the disgust the humans have against the undead is. Family bonds are the only thing that are keeping this reunion from exploding in a shower of bone splinters. The girl.. Nieve is too busy trying to keep her last meal in to say anything, and even this.. Trianon has problems controlling himself. If this was anyone else but Illan Anahain, the meeting would already be over.

Illan Anahain 02


And the stubborness of this.. Illan is something quite remarkable indeed. Even though there is living, breathing evidence that he did not fail in protecting his family, he still blames himself. I had hoped this would make Syskae more receptive to things I have planned for him, but I fear it's having an opposite effect. How is he supposed to get along with likes of Sir Leonid Bartholomew if his own nephew spews this crap?

Illan Anahain 03

Using my wounds as an excuse, I allowed them some privacy. Illan did not wait even until I was out of earshot. The moment I said I'd be moving further away for a while, his tone of voice changed into anger and his words to Common. No doubt he is sowing mistrust and hate into their minds. Why can't they just understand this is for their own best interest?

Illan Anahain 04

Still, I had to play out my part in this chapter with elegance. Altruism can be a very powerful mask. Hopefully powerful enough to stay their hand and overcome their minds with guilt. Their belief in their own virtue will be my shield. I will need one in the months ahead. If things are lat to progress on their own weight, I'll have plenty of enemies in both sides soon.

Illan Anahain 05

After Illan's tearful goodbyes, it was time to set things in motion. I may have failed in the Arena, but I would make sure that the He would have to fight to the death for every scrap of power. It was time to let the enemies of my enemies to be my friends. It was time to let them know.

The Gurubashi had a new Emperor, and blood would yet again flow like rivers in Stranglethorn.

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