The Final Twilight

Physically Shalkis stood on top of Oshu'gun, but her thoughts wandered elsewhere. In her mind, she was on a verdant hilltop in a faraway land, looking towards the sunrise and the city just beneath it. The majestic golden eagles atop the spires glittered in the morning light. A city of crimson and gold. Barely visible between the buildings, small figures scurried along the narrow streets.

The sound of approaching wyverns interrupted her thoughts. The sun was blocked by shapes of two wyverns. The beasts landed gently on the smooth crystal and let their riders dismount. A hooded figure accompanied by a bulky tauren.



Shalkis told the hooded figure of Oshu'gun, of the unwilling pilgrims and the being who called them. In turn, he told Shalkis of his master and his goals. With the formalities out of the way, it was time to make the proposal. The hooded figure pondered it for a while, but eventually seemed to agree. But then his tone changed from merely brooding to adamant. He turned to his companion and spoke a few words. The tauren was enthusiastic to obey. He took a few steps and then broke into a stride. With a smile on his face, he fell. Something resembling a grin appeared on the hooded figure's face. Hers was hidden behind a veil. The figure called for his wyvern, climbed on top of it and rode away.

Shalkis' thoughts returned to the hilltop. Morning had turned into day, and day into evening. The spires bathed in the colors of a setting sun. The figures stopped, as if they had heard something. Shalkis knew what it was. They turned towards the center of the city and started walking. She let her gaze wander away from the city. Groups of people had started to emerge from the settlements surrounding the capital. It had started. They all slowly moved towards the city. She felt the urge to join them. But.. not yet. Under her veil, she smiled. It would indeed be glorious.

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