Finally, a canonical source for Warcraft 2

WoW Insider reports that Warcraft 2 is being turned into a novel. While the events are familiar to many Warcraft fans via the games themselves, there was always a slight problem when using the games as a lore source.

Unlike in Starcraft and Warcraft 3, the human and orc campaigns in both Warcraft 1 and 2 not only intersect, they sometimes directly contradict each other. For example, the orc campaign in Warcraft 2 ends with the Horde sieging Lordaeron and killing King Terenas Menethil II long before his son could even lift a sword. Of course, the canonical ending for the Second War was the Alliance one, where Anduin Lothar is slain at the base of Blackrock Mountain and Turalyon leads the troops to victory.

Turning the events into a novel brings needed consistency to a phase in the history of Azeroth that direly needed it.

Now, if someone would just turn it into an e-book..

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