10-man raids and "helping" Team B

Wife Aggro and Tobold recently touched upon the issue of the 10-to-25-man jump making guilds form Team A and Team B, which usually leads to a lot of drama. It's not like this topic hasn't been discussed before, but I'd like to offer one more viewpoint.

Like many other guilds, my guild has Team A and Team B as well. I currently only "need" one item from Karazhan, so I'm solidly in Team A. However, due to scheduling issues I'm unable to attend Team A's raids at all. So I'll raid with Team B to help gear out my guild mates, even if I personally gain nothing from it. However.. whenever I attend a Team B Karazhan run someone else gets left behind. I'm sure that a 300 DPS fire mage or a 500 dps warlock would be glad to have any gear from Karazhan. But because I'm in the raid, they get nothing. No Violet Eye reputation, no raiding experience and no loot. But I'll get a Void Crystal or two, which I currently have no use for, since my weapon is already enchanted and the next upgrade is months away. So am I really helping my guild right now? No.

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slux said...

It depends. If team B gets only beginning raiders with blue-quality (at best) loot, clearing Karazhan will be much more of a challenge than with half-a-raid of people that have already competely geared themselves from the place.

Now the learning experience with 10 beginners is very useful and even enjoyable if you're of the persistent kind like all real raiders that are going to be trying new content should be. But if you're only looking at it from the perspective of effectively gearing people up, it is very likely going to be faster with a mixed group.