Forgotten sins

It was yet another cold morning in Silithus. Shalkis rode back into Cenarion Hold, stained with goo and blood as usual. The guards paid little attention to her, for she has been coming and going for the past month. And as usual, the female troll waited patiently while the elven tailors sew together tears in her clothes. During the weeks, they had even grown accustomed to the everpresent smell of combat around the troll. After they were done, she walked to the one called Baristolth and gave him a gooey sack.

"Here's yer fragments. I'll bring more in a few hours. Bye."
"That won't be necessary."
"Wat? Will yer master finally speak to me?"
"It is time, Shalkis. I must apologize for keeping so much in secret. Enemies abound, even under our very noses. Please, read from this tome and learn. Take the knowledge I give to you and seek out our master."
"A book? Freshly inked.. If I read dis, will Anachronos finally speak to me?"
"Yes. However, I cannot understand why you insisted on doing this. Others had already assembled the Scepter. The gates have been open for months."
"I have to see, I have to know. I have to know why they waited for so long. Why wasn't dis threat dealt wit earlier?"
"Be careful what you wish for, troll. Now go. Even the Timeless Ones' patience has limits."

Shalkis closed the book and put it into her backpack. The way to Tanaris was long, and she wasn't exactly presentable. Minds and actions of dragons werre often incomprehensible for mortals. The Bronze dragons even more so. Even a slightest insult could jeopardise months of work. She could not risk offending him in any way.

At the hot springs of Un'Goro, Shalkis opened the book. It told the tale of the War of the Shifting Sands. She already knew much of this from decrypted cultists' texts and the tales of the dwarven geologist. However, other sources focused on the actions of mortals. This told of a plan to close the gates, using the powers of the four Dragonflights. It was a desperate plan for a desperate time. She already knew that the Night Elven forces had lost morale when Falstann was slain and retreated to Un'Goro. But she didn't know that the advancing Qiraji forces had bypassed the "Gods' Land" and the hiding Elven forces. They reached Tanaris. They had even arranged a raid against the Caverns of Time themselves. Although the attack was repelled, it showed the Timeless One that he could not count on the Elves to repel the threat.

He had sent his own offspring, Anachronos to the fray. He was soon joined by Caelestrasz of the Red Flight, Merithra of the Dream and Arygos of the Blue Flight. Each of them had brought many of their younger brethren with them. Even the Night Elves regained some degree of fighting spirit and rejoined the battle after seeing the skies darken from the very numbers of the Flights. Although losses were devastating, the book mentions that they did mow a way to the Scarab Wall to seal the Gate. And then.. the story ends.


The Caverns of Time. Dressed in her finest, Shalkis carefully avoided the three drakes guarding the way. Having Bronze Dragon blood on her would not make a good impression. Anachronos was waiting. She could already feel his eyes on her, and the sandstorm seemed to be strengthening. Eventually the shape of a great dragon formed among the storm.

In the southern desert of Silithus, near the sacred barrier, exists a single crystalline tear. This tear serves as a symbol of the great losses beset upon us during the War of the Shifting Sands. Locate this tear and gaze into its depths to gain enlightenment."

The shape seemed to dissolve back into the storm.

Just like the dragon had said, there was a brilliant red crystal shard half-buried into the ground. Shalkis kneeled down and touched it.

"And now you know all that there is to know, mortal.."

Anachronos' words echoed within her mind. Some crimes cannot go unpunished. Even Staghelm cannot avoid the sins of the past forever.

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