New Burning Crusade music, meeting Gul'dan

The Burning Crusade Closed Beta is now in progress. Although I didn't get a beta key (hint hint), I did some digging. Apparently the expansion contains about 4.4h of new music, compared to the 2.2h of the original WoW. This should help alleviate some weariness players have with the soundtrack. All of the new zones have several different themes and have different themes for night and day. Although Zangar Marsh does sound very similar to Ahn'Qiraj..

In other news, it seems that we'll be seeing Gul'dan again. He got his own theme music in a folder called "Musical Moments". While the first orc warlock is quite dead, there is one place where he probably will be seen. One of the scenarios in Caverns of Time is the first opening of the Dark Portal. Medivh worked on the Azeroth side, while Gul'dan worked at Draenor. My hunch is that when the scenario is completed and the portal is succesfully opened, Gul'dan will be among the first to step through it. This will be a boon to lore freaks such as myself, because it has never been seen in any of the Warcraft games. Even the events of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans take place 15 years after the opening.

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