Jewelcrafting after 300

I recently spotted a jewelcrafting guide linked from Tobold's blog, which also includes a shopping list to level jewelcrafting from 1 to 300.

240 copper, 120 bronze, 40 iron, 60 mithril, 255 thorium, 110 gold, 30 truesilver, 50 flask of mojo, 10 large fang, 30 malachite/tigerseye, 30 lesser moonstone, 100 shadowgem, 35 jade, 40 citrine, 45 star ruby, 35 aquamarine, 40 large opal, 20 azerothian diamond, and 20 huge emerald.

While I'm not switching from Engineering to Jewelcrafting, the information about new ores is useful to all miners. Unfortunately I have smelt all my thorium already, so, I can't take advantage of all those people buying stuff to powerlevel their new professions.

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