The Frozen Gallery

Another night, another graveyard shift. Lariel loved the night shifts. Not even the lesser races liked fighting at night. There was still the occasional undead, but they rarely reached the library. That left him ample time to familiarize himself with the books salvaged from Lordaeron. Especially tales of the Lightbringer fascinated him. Bless his soul, too many good men have died already in these cursed lands. Or worse. Lariel was not planning to become one of them. Quiet nights like these..

..too quiet, actually. And where are all the brothers?

Lariel slowly unsheathed his sword. Like his armor, it was passed on to him by his father. He was so proud when Lariel had told him that he was enlisting to retake the north. His tabard looked so majestic that day. But now, in the flickering torchlight, the Scarlet Flame seemed to pale. Shivers travelled down his spine. Had the wretched undead entered through the windows? He slowly crept forward towards the doorway to the library. Then something grabbed him and pulled him inside an alcove.

Brother Munson? How many undead are there?
Not undead. One. troll.
Then let's be done with it!
Ssh! She'll hear you! Did she hear you? I bet she heard you.
Calm down. It's just one troll. I will NOT let a an infidel..
That's what they said! No, no don't look!
A powerful mage..
..she froze their faces first..
..killed a whole squad of our brothers..
..then she proceeded downwards..
..in the middle of our monastery..
..until they were completely covered..
..and nobody heard a thing?
I just said she froze their faces! They couldn't even scream!
Weren't you trying to shut me up a minute ago?
Was I shouting?
Yes you were.
What is it doing there?
Reading? Those degenerates couldn't even count to seven without their feet..
This one reads.
What are we going to do? We can't just let it be.
That's what I was planning to do. Maybe she didn't hear us. Maybe she'll just walk past us when she leaves. I don't want to die here.
If she leaves. We need some backup.


Sir! We were discussing strategy to eliminate intruders in the library. Sir!
Intruders? In my library? Seize them!
By the Light.. Sir, I think you should see this.
Where are the intruders?
Nowhere to be found, sir!
Do I have to do everything here myself? Step aside, imbecile!
They are indeed gone. You two! To my quarters. Now!
The rest of you.. get rid of this.. gallery. And I want a full inventory on my desk first thing in the morning.
Sir, a full inventory would take at least..
No excuses. You'll catalogue every book, scroll and scribbling by morning or I'll let Whitemane flay the flesh from your bones.

You have exactly two minutes to explain why my library is full of frozen corpses and why the intruders are not hanging from the trees like they should.
Sir, I was on my way..

I see. It was quite a predicament. Frankly, I'm surprised that you survived. You two are relieved of your duties for now. Report back to me at first light.
Sir, yes sir.

Sir, privates Springvale and Munson reporting as ordered, sir.
At ease. Private Munson.
You are to report to the Master of the Watch at the front gates at once. This scroll contains his new orders. Dismissed.
Sir, yes sir.
Private Springvale.
You are to deliver this scroll personally to Brother Crowley in Stormwind City as soon as humanly possible. Check with the stable master before you leave. You will be provided with a horse and travel expenses.
Sir, yes sir.


Contents of Munson's scroll:
The bearer of this scroll is a traitor. You are to hang him immediately.
--Arcanist Doan

Contents of Springvale's scroll:
Brother Crowley,

It has been too long since we last met, dear friend. Your skills are direly needed here at the North. Vishas has his hands full, and his current apprentices lack the finesse you possess. However, I understand the importance of your current assignment and thus you must stay in Stormwind. We need all recruits we can get.

Speaking of recruits, you probably recognize the bearer of this letter. I believe he was sent here by you four months ago. Unfortunately he has severely disappointed me, and his cowardice has cost the Monastery Library several irreplaceable volumes. This letter serves three purposes. First, it is a reminder to you to pay attention to the quality of recruits. Secondly, this is my gift to you. I know you are bored. I want you to practice with Private Springvale here. Thirdly, this is a reminder for all of Stormwind on the importance of our task. When you practice with him, do it publicly and to the fullest extent of the law. Let all of Stormwind know the price of failure.

--Arcanist Doan

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