Honor distribution loses it's significance

Back when Blizzard first implemented the honor system, they added one small detail to encourage so-called fair fights. In essence, the honor points you gained from killing an enemy was propotional to the damage you caused to said enemy, as well as the enemy's rank and level. Killing level 60 Grand Marshals who were at 100% health yielded the most honor, and ganking a level 49 unranked players with 1% health yielded only a minimal amount. In addition, honor was distributed evenly among your party or raid group, assuming everyone was near the victim.

Now that Blizzard had first cut all honor by 90% and then cut it by another 30%, the honor distribution system starts to break down. Whenever you gain honor, the system rounds down the final amount, but gives you at least 1 honor per kill. When you take into account diminishing returns, even the highest-ranking players net less than 10 honor, your average honor gain per enemy is pretty close to 1.

Why is this significant? First of all, it completely negates the benefit gained from seeking out tough opponents. Corpsecamping a low-level player can be more valuable as a gentlemanly duel. Therefore intelligent players will avoid tough fights as much as possible, and seek out fights that are over in a heartbeat.

Secondly, the change overemphasizes the meaning of Battleground and World PvP objectives that give you bonus honor. While the net effect is less visible in Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch, the effects are more than apparent in Alterac Valley. It is only a matter of time before someone realizes that collusion will be more profitable than combat.

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