My RP is better than your RP

For those who want to satisfy their morbid sense of humor, there's two hilarious threads in the Defias Brotherhood forums.

First, there's a thread about a serverwide plotline involving the opening of the Dark Portal. The thread quickly got hijacked when one guild claimed that they have already been to Outland, courtesy of the 25 beta keys Blizzard sent them. Then other people said that it was impossible, because nobody can enter Outland on our server yet. The thread got derailed, and the rest is history..

..at least until the flames were fanned again. This trainwreck is still ongoing, so set up camp and get your marshmellows ready. Maybe you'll get to see some survivors crawl away from the flames while you're enjoying your snacks.

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Anonymous said...

It's such a shame that an intiative like this can be spoiled by just two guilds. However, the plotline is still continuing in-game, luckily. In the end, The Aegis (the guild who claimed they had been behind the Portal) withdrew their statement and will continue their plot just inside their own guild.