WoW Insider has done some math on the new Honor kill diminishing returns.

Basically, instead of losing 25% honor each kill, you only lose 10%. So opponents will stop giving honor after the 10th kill, instead of 4th kill. While this does increase honor received from each kill, it does not result in getting ranks faster. Everyone else is also getting more honor, so the net advantage is zero.

The other changes are more interesting. Blizzard will also tweak the maths to increase the allowed number of top-rank players on a server, so getting ranks will be easier. But the real kicker is a rumored change to the honor decay formula. In effect, you currently have to regain 20% of your total contribution points every week to avoid losing contribution points. While the effect is barely visible in lower ranks, it does make the last few ranks a grueling experience. Think of it as an accelerating treadmill. You have to run faster and faster just to stay where you are. Getting the last ranks does require unhealthy amounts of PvPing.

The rumored change would reduce the decay rate to 5%, which means that keeping ranks is easier and the majority of effort actually goes to advancing in ranks instead of maintaining the current rank. This can dramatically cut down on the time that aspiring Grand Marshals and High Warlords need to invest in full-time PvPing.

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