Research Journal

Feathermoon Isle
Inspected three guards because of aggressive behaviour. No obvious abnormalities detected, samples retrieved for further study.

Inspected Shandris Feathermoon for abnormal hostility even for an elf. Samples retrieved for further study.

Nijel's Point
Lack of aggression in elves suggests that no interesting mutations would be found. Nevertheless, inspected two specimens and retrieved control samples for further study. Also encountered two Dryads and a Keeper. While they identified themselves as working for the Cenarion Circle, they declined to comment further. Left at their original habitat for reasons of diplomacy.

one of the elves showed signs of aggression, retrieved some more samples for study.

Stonetalon Peak
Lack of subjects proved to be a problem. Took samples as control from the local flight master. Obtained several samples from the denizens of the Talon Den.

Proximity of corrupted water elementals suggested that elves near Mystral Lake might be corrupted, provided they use the lake for drinking water. Obtained samples from the four aggressive ones.

Addeneum: Encountered a highly aggressive specimen. Pacified for sample collection.

While collecting samples from the watchtower near Raynewood Retreat, encountered one highly aggressive specimen. Unfortunately, the specimen vanished before any samples could be obtained.

Addeneum: Shortly after specimen 1 vanished, encountered an another specimen with severely degraded motoric skills. Distinguishing features noted for later sample retrieval.

Addeneum: Attempts to locate specimens 1 and 2 unsuccessful. Collected five samples from Astranaar.

Addeneum: Retrieved interesting samples from an elf maintaining the Shrine of Aessina. Coloration of flora in the area suggests a high degree of corruption. Visible discolorations and abnormal texture of samples noted. Preserved for further study.

Personal note:
I am being followed by a stealthy human. His motives are currently unknown.

Addeneum: Sample collection aborted at Maestra's Post. due to human interference. However, specimens showed an unusual lack of response to physical stimuli. Noted for further study.

Addeneum: Encountered a specimen running from Darkshore. Specimen physical structure unable to withstand physical stimuli. Sample obtained for further study.

Encountered a non-hostile Ancient, with no visual signs of corruption. Specimen left in pristine condition for now. Accompanying elves show now isgns of aggression. Elf specimens are thus unsuitable for the purpose of this study.

Aggressiveness of speciments is increased, approaching expectable levels. Two specimens pacified and subdued at the docks. Samples preserved for further study.

Addeneum: Encountered the movement-impaired specimen again. Unfortunately, the specimen fell into water on it's own. Samples still unavailable for study.


Aggressiveness reached nominal levels., and is uniform among most of encountered speciments. Starting the search for abnormal specimens..

Addeneum: Highly aggressive specimen encountered. Pacification required was comparable to specimens found assaulting Horde settlements from time to time. Several interesting samples obtained for later study.

Encountered a highly durable specimen. Sample collection aborted due to overabundance of specimens.

Research Results
Dissectation performed to samples obtained from Feathermoon Isle. Sample, texture, weight and contents is within nominal levels for specimens. Slight bluish tint detected. Samples frozen for further study.

Footnote: More samples needed from aquatic specimens for comparison.

Dissectation performed to samples obtained from Nijel's Point. Color nominal. Weight slightly more than expected. A slightly rougher texture detected. Samples frozen for further study.

Footnote: Samples delivered to the Royal Apothecary Society for analysis.

Dissectation performed to samples obtained from Stonetalon Peak. Sample coloration, texture, weight and contents within nominal levels. One sample contained oil. Samples frozen for further study.

Footnote: Requested comparison with known samples of oil used within various races, starting with goblins.

Dissectation and analysis performed on samples obtained from Ashenvale. Sample hormone glands are abnormally large. Signs of decay detected in specimen digestive tract samples. Lung sample obtained from the Shrine of Aessina contain a previously unknown substance. Substance is in the form of fine purple powder. Tissue in contact with the unknown substance changed color to a slight purple tint. Bone sample obtained from the final specimen is more fragile than expected. Sample was unable to withstand even nominal force. Splinters collected. Samples frozen for further study.

Footnote: Samples from unknown substance delivered to the Royal Apothecary Society.

Dissectation performed to sambles obtained from Darkshore. Vein samples show increased volume and toughness, but no discoloration. Intestinal tract samples show signs of decay and green discoloration, but lung samples show no unusual characteristics. Samples frozen for further study.

Footnote: Further sample collection required, especially from specimens encountered near bodies of water.

Dissectation performed to samples obtained from Teldrassil. Purple discoloration detected in lung samples and green discoloration detected in intestinal tract samples. Tissue texture is rough in all cases, suggesting increased resistance to physical trauma. Vein volume and toughness increased. Bone sample obtained from the unusually aggressive specimen shows new growth on bone edges and increased diameter. Changes suggest adaptation for combat. Samples frozen for further study.

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