Light in the Dark

Silithus. The land of sand, crystals and forgotten sorrows. The wars are over, the armies returned, old horrors forgotten.

The champion of the Bronze Flight has not been seen for months.. Rivalries have once again arisen, and former cooperation is only a distant memory. Former comrades in arms fight over.. dust, and the Bronze Flight has turned away in disgust. The Spider Queen has not contacted me, so I have spent my time on trivial things. But that was about to change.

It was quite a surprise when they proposed it. To re-establish contact with the Timeless One and his servants.. A reasonable plan. Among the chaos, potential friends must not be forgotten. But.. why me?

I am not the most diplomatic one among the Noise, nor the most heroic. Sure, I had made a small contribution in the Second War of the Shifting Sands, but.. Me?

The desert was as repulsive as always. The everpresent humming had not quieted down, quite the contrary. Sand still got into every nook and crevice. And the heat.. This is no place for a Frostmane. Windclaw's nervous movements suggested that he was not fond of this place, either. Most wildlife had tough exoskeletons, and those that could be cracked open were often poisonous. I would have to do most of the hunting without him. I rode towards Cenarion Hold. The guards have stopped giving me dirty looks. But the mistrust of others still lingers in the air like the breath of a dwarf. I best do my business here quickly and start my work.

My Work

Nalith picked up his glaives from the rack. The freezing winds howled around the tower of Cenarion Hold. This is the shift he hated the most, just before sunrise. Elune's light would soon be replaced by the blinding, scorching, merciless sun.

"Elune'dora, Nalith."
"I hate mornings."
"We all have our burdens to carry, Nalith. You were lucky that Commander Mar'alith let you off so easy. A month or two and you'll be back on night shift."
"The sun isn't up yet, and it's freezing."
"You could have ended up in the midday shift."
"Point taken. Wait.. what was that?"
"What was what?"
"That flicker of light.. Over there, in Hive'Ashi."
"Oh, right. You haven't been on the night shift."
"Stop reminding me. What is it?"
"It's a troll."
"Troll? You're not making any sense. "
"She sets off every evening. She always picks up some combat assignments, and then comes back in the morning. She doesn't even read them."
"What did you expect? It's a troll, right?"
"What do you think is causing those flashes? She has the stench of magic on her. I think she can read well enough."
"But if she.. It is not there for serving the Circle, why.."
"I know what you are thinking, Nalith. She is not one of the cultists."
"How can you be so sure?"
"You'll see, or rather smell it yourself when she comes back. Last time Innkeeper Calandrath sent the troll to Un'Goro to bathe before she allowed her to touch her beds."
"Ugh. Savages."
"It seems that you'll have to wait a bit longer, though. The flashes are moving towards one of the entrances to the hive."
"Enough of the troll, please. It's almost dawn. You should get some sleep, esteemed sister."

Brood of Nozdormu

High up in the sky, a lone beast glided along, blocking out the stars..

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