A Warning and a Plea

A random encounter
Shalkis: *lifts her gaze from a book*
Syskae: By the Light!
Shalkis: I told you that security here could be improved.
Syskae: *syskae throws his cowl back* You are... Shalkis, are you not? Melnerag wished to warn you.
Shalkis: *motions towards the chair*
Syskae: Not here. Catacombs. I have been spied on before.
Warnin' and a plea
Syskae: Melnerag did not expect to see you here, but the fact of the matter is that the Shining Strand is going to raid Ogrimmar. He wished for you to be safe, or prepare. Whatever. I speak in his name, I suppose, if only by chance.
***Syskae concentrates on somethign for a moment, as his armor is summoned on his body.
Shalkis: Tell me something that I don't know. Like what is that outfit for?
Syskae: [hesitantly] It is a gift from Melnerag. The Strand knows it, but not my monkish outfit. I would rather be discovered wearing this, than have the outfit spoilt.
Shalkis: Yes, I see his handiwork. I assume he has told you many things that you previously did not want to hear.
Syskae: [wrinkling his nose] Melnerag likes to talk, yes. Many things he says I find agreeable, not the least his goals if not always his methods.
Shalkis: He dos have less success with other individuals, though. Has he recovered his eye yet?
Syskae: No. Though I find the method you recommended quite abhorrent. Surely you cannot be serious, that a human should take up such barbarous practices.
Shalkis: Melnerag does have less messy methods in his disposal, but surely this is nothing new to the humans?
Syskae: True. But the Gearholder has a bizzare lust for experimentation, it would appear. I only follow this curiosity up to a point, as you might imagine. However, I did hear reports that you were in elvish lands earlier on. As I was.
Shalkis: Yes, I was travelling around that area, gathering samples for my research.
Syskae: I was looking for Etienne. Perhaps you caught sight or smell of him?
Shalkis: I encountered only a few humans, but not her.
Syskae: [confused] Her?
Shalkis: It sounds like a female name.
Shalkis: Not that it matters much, humans do not usually introduce themselves to me.
Syskae: He is not aggressive at all. A young Westfaller, but 20 years of age, golden haired, and pretty if I might put it such. If ever you chance to encounter him, I will pay handsomely .... he left me and I know not where he is.
Shalkis: If a human fled into areas the elves have claimed for themselves, the first place that I would look for is Nijel's Point.
Syskae: Why there?
Shalkis: Although I did see no bright-haired humans there. The ones I saw were all wearing helmets.
Syskae: [slowly] I will go look there.
Shalkis: Nijel's Point is one of the few settlements where there are more humans than elves.
Shalkis: Including some of your associates.
Syskae: The Crusade thinks me dead after Melnerag got me out of there. I fear this is for the best, for now, with Stormwind after me.
Shalkis: If.. one wanted to forget things, the barren flats of Desolace would be a perfect place to gather one's thoughs. And an ample ground for a recruiter to instill new ideas into youths searching for themselves.
Shalkis: I have found Shadowprey Village quite.. serene myself.
Syskae: Etienne told me he was safe. I doubt he would go there, but ...
Syskae: I should get going before we are detected here. Unless there is something you wish to convey upon me.
Shalkis: I have just one question. Do you now accept the truth about the Grand Crusader?
Syskae: [gruff] Something may be afoot. I should see for myself one day. Right now, the Grand Crusader is very far away. With the voices of the Sphere in my head he feels quite distant. It matters not, at any rate, as the fight for Lordaeron is a fight against the Scourge.
Syskae: *begins to walk away*
Shalkis: That'll do for now. May the Spider Queen's web catch you, should you fall.
Syskae: I'd rather not be entangled by Troll allies. Light bless you, Shalkis.

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