Kill, kill, kill

Another day, another whine. The Alliance Watch, the largest guild doing World PvP on Defias raided Tarren Mill. And then they raided it some more, until there were nobody to raid. Then the resurrection timers started running out, and there was again people to raid.
TAW 01
Having been on the receiving end of a TAW raid on several occassions, I have to say that resurrecting is a challenge, to say the least. The question is whether this is intentional or just a side effect of town raids. Especially when you attack places with a big guardspawn, like Tarren Mill, Refuge Pointe or Stonard, it is hard to see whether that enemy on half health just resurrected or was simply wounded from fighting one of your friends.

Resurrection timers are also problematic, because it's easy to think that you gave your enemies time to mend their wounds and regroup properly, when they have simply been waiting for a chance to resurrect. Making an another attack whenever the resurrection timers are up can easily be seen as corpsecamping, even if there was no ill will.

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